Suco Bloc

Change the way you look and feel

Clinically proven 3 times faster weight loss!

SucoBloc(TM) has been shown in placebo-controlled clinical trials over 12 weeks that the participants on average lost 3.5 kg while those receiving noneactive tablets lost 1.2 kg. That is 3 times better weight reduction than those who received the placebo tablets. In conjunction with a low calorie diet and healthy exercise, the weight reduction may be greater. No side effects were registered during the study which was published in the reputable periodical The Journal of International Medical Research.

Dr. Ronald Strand

Lose 3.5 Kg or more in just 3 months!

Suco Bloc™ was developed with Dr. Roald Strand, a member of:

DNLF (The Norwegian Doctors Ocial Organisation) since 1984

AAEM - American Acadamy of Enviromental Medicine since 1997

NFHM - Norwegian assosiation of holistic medicine since 1990

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